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Charleston has truly captured my heart and I’m thrilled to assist you in discovering your own piece of this enchanting city. Whether you’re envisioning a home with Charleston’s charm or a contemporary oasis close to the beach, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

And guess what? If you’re thinking about selling your cherished abode, I’ve got your back on that front too. Let’s join forces, chart a course through the exhilarating realm of real estate, and transform both your homeownership and home-selling aspirations into a beautiful reality, shall we?

Seller Consultation

By addressing these seven key areas, I can help you make informed decisions, optimize your property’s marketability, and navigate the selling process with confidence.

Property Details & Features

Local Market Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Property Staging & Presentation

Customized Marketing Plan

Negotiation Preparation

Closing Process & Your Timeline

Buyer Consultation

A comprehensive discussion on the topics below will help me understand your needs but also empower you with the knowledge needed for a successful and informed home buying journey.

Budget & Financing Options

Property Preferences & Must-Haves

Timeline & Your Availability

Home Buying Process & Expectations

Local Market Conditions

Negotiation Strategies - my favorite!

Closing Costs & Additional Expenses


I am here to help you achieve your goals when it comes to real estate investing. With over a million dollars worth of real estate in my portfolio and personally managing 7 tenants, I have learned everything I know by doing it first-hand.

Schedule an Intro Call so we can discuss your goals and what it would be like to work together!

On this 1:1 Video Call, I will personally help you:

1. Give you specific advice to your situation

2. Help you build a plan to reach your goals

3. Walk you through any questions


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