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Sorelle Charleston: Exquisite Italian Dining and Expert Wine Pairing

In the heart of Charleston, Sorelle stands tall as a beacon of exquisite Italian dining, inviting food enthusiasts on a journey through the flavors of Italy. As Charleston’s newest upscale Italian restaurant, Sorelle offers an unparalleled culinary experience, from meticulously crafted dishes to expertly curated wine pairings.

Why Choose Sorelle?

Authentic Italian Flavors: Sorelle’s menu boasts a wide array of dishes inspired by Italy’s diverse regions, prepared with authentic flavors and fresh ingredients.

Expert Wine Pairing: The skilled sommeliers have carefully curated a selection of wines that perfectly complement the dishes, enhancing your dining experience by and large.

Elegant Interiors: Sorelle’s interior is a masterpiece in itself. The restaurant features marble tables that exude luxury and ambiance lighting that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Every corner is adorned with attention to detail, promising a dining experience that’s not just a meal but a visual delight.

Private Dining: Host your special events at Sorelle’s elegant private dining spaces. The restaurant accommodates intimate gatherings of 10-25 friends to grand celebrations up to 60 guests. All in all, the team ensures every detail is tailored to perfection.

Exceptional Service: Lastly, the attentive staff takes pride in providing exceptional service, ensuring every guest feels welcomed and pampered. Never feel like a request is too small.

Make a Reservation Today

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Join Sorelle Charleston for an unforgettable dining experience by booking your reservation on their website. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, enjoying a romantic evening, or planning a corporate event, Sorelle promises an unparalleled experience. Buon appetito!

Located downtown at 88 Broad Street Charleston, SC 29401.


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